When and how will I receive my gallery?

So after our session I will spend the first week picking out and editing all the best images from our shoot. You will then receive a large proofing gallery after approximately 7-14 days to go through and pick out your utmost favourites. I love having this option for my clients because I know my favs, might not be your favourites. So this way you end up with all the images YOU love!

Once chosen, I will then complete any final editing and your gallery will then be delivered via a private online gallery for direct download within 14 days. Please note if your session includes all images deemed beautiful you will not receive a proofing gallery.

​ What do we wear?

This question is always the most common! But don't stress after you have booked your shoot I will send you through my full prep guide which will take you through all different outfit choices and which colours are most flattering to photograph.

What time will my session be held?

So if we are talking outdoors I do all of those sessions at sunset! We will aim to start the shoot roughly around 45 minutes before the sun sets. This is when the light is at its most softest and most golden.
48 hour shoots are best done in the morning, around 10-11am.

Can I go on a payment plan?

Absolutely! I want you all to have the option to have beautiful images of you and your family. I know photography is a luxury and can sometimes be out of budget. So we can definitely organise a payment plan that suits you and your family.

Do you offer printing services? ​

Yes! You will receive printing prices once your gallery has been selected.

Do you travel?

Unfortunately I am unable to travel at this time but aim to once my kiddos are older!